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November 06 2013


The Shortest Recovery

If you do not have time for a long recovery, acne scars can remove and break for lunch. Fractional laser is an extremely effective method that very well restored the entire top layer of skin. In this method, the recovery is the shortest, and redness of the skin is not present.

Results fractional laser treatments are visible already after one week , and shallow scars after one treatment less visible for up to 40 percent while the deep scars still need several treatments. In this method activates the collagen in the skin and skin every day seems better, and the final results are visible after 6 months. the ultimate option http://www.reviewlity.com/category/general-health/

Length of recovery:

As a slower method of removing acne scars offers a chemical peel and micro abrasion. Acids and abrasive skin affect on its regeneration such as skin peels and thus be restored. For the success of this method should be 6 to 12 treatments, depending on the amount and depth of the scars, and on it depends on the duration of recovery.

Opinion dermatologist: uncovered details http://reviewlity.tumblr.com

If you're afraid you're going to removing scars damage the surface layer of the skin for you is the ideal method nonnegotiable lasers. Treating scars nonnegotiable laser to those who are ready for a longer recovery. This method removes the surface layer of the skin and stimulates the development of collagen inside because it operates in depth. For best results, this treatment should be repeated several times during 2-3 weeks. Before choosing a treatment that best suits you, seek review and expert advice and be patient in the process of resolving acne scars.

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