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Antibiotics with 'on-off button and' developed

Antibiotics with 'on-off button and' developed

Researchers from the University of Ironing have developed an antibiotic that using light 'on' and 'off' can be. The antibiotic may be inserted into the body at very specific sites and also be turned off as soon as it leaves the body. More Helpful Hints: Diet Foods v/s Commonsense Natural Weight Loss

Antibiotics are used on a large scale. Not only people but also animals But even after we have antibiotics excreted, it can remain active for a while. And that is a problem when these antibiotics - for example through the sewer - end up in the environment. Bacteria that live there are exposed to the antibiotic and may be resistant.


To avoid that we should actually have that we can monitor the activity Antibiotic and scientists at the University of Groningen have now developed such antibiotics.


Silver ... antibiotics can make a thousand times more effective?
Turn Molecular

They made use of a unique molecular switch. When an antibiotic with ultraviolet light irradiated, and folds a part of this molecule and the antibiotic is active. So the drug can be activated at any time. The molecule then folds back on itself over time, and so the antibiotic is no longer active.

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