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Chronic Fatigue From A Medical Point Of View

The woman with uncomfortable clothes and shoes - It is proved that comfortable clothes and shoes did not inhibit the movement, helps the woman to be more active. Thus burn more calories (more than 6000 per year) - and strengthened health and weight decreased.

That's how our everyday habits can affect weight. It is necessary to examine your life and get rid of anything that is harmful to women's health.

Let's see what chronic fatigue from a medical point of view is if you follow the advice of a healthy way of life outlined in the previous article, "Why I'm tired of" at least a month, and does not occur, and then you should look at the cause of fatigue from a medical point of view.

If you're still feeling overwhelmed, consult specialists. Chronic fatigue can be directly linked to your overt or covert diseases.

Diseases that trigger chronic fatigue - Anemia is known to be a very common cause of fatigue. It's easy to check with a simple blood test. This is a problem for women, particularly those who have heavy menstrual periods. You can correct the anemia not only by iron supplementation, but also healthy food. For example, a lot of iron includes dark varieties of meat, greens, liver.

Lack of potassium – Potassium is known to be one of the most important nutrients for our body. Again, it is easily checked with a blood test.

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